Map of the World's Tastes

Choice AI

Cocktail of Algorithms


Personal without Identity


Crayon's TasteGraph TM

  • A moving breathing map of the world’s tastes.
  • Includes lifestyle categories like dining, entertainment, travel, events, attractions and shopping
  • Knows every restaurant and hotel in the world. And 1000s of attributes and data points on each of these. Includes unstructured data
  • Links each entity in the graph to every other entity. It plots the affinity between them, using a variety of signals

Choice AI

The world's only engine that can create a cocktail of social, location,
search, review and transaction data.


Crayon TasteMatch : Personal without PII

Enterprises only provide pseudonymised data to Crayon.
Personally identifiable information (PII) is neither needed nor shared.
  • Matches made using entities, not people
  • For enterprises, a transaction amounts to 4 to 5 signals from structured data
  • For Maya, a transaction is 100s of signals. Adds taste-led attributes from unstructured data about the entity, to understand the underlying preferences.
  • And then matches to other entities
  • This allows Maya to translate "behaviour you know" into
    "tastes you don't"