Beyond traditional big data analytics. Way beyond.

With Maya, enterprises can deliver ultra personalized choices to their customers . Maya stores, analyses and maps the tastes of millions of customers. Across multiple lifestyle categories.

This provides enterprises with data available today only to Internet giants like Google and Amazon. Using Crayon's TasteGraphTM Maya enriches enterprise internal data and generates personalized choices. In real time. At scale. To be served on any digital channel.

The Magic of Maya

beyond tradition


Ready to deploy
No digital integration
No software integration

key ingredient


Ultra personalized offers
across customer micro-segments
Ready-to-go weekly campaigns

suite for enterprises


No PII data
Secure data upload
ISO compliant

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Customer engagement a priority?
It's time to get personal.

maya bank


Taste based personalization at scale. Digital
experiences delivered across channels

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maya hospitality


Enrich customer travel experiences.
At every step of every journey.

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