Choice and new consumer:
(Article 2 in a series of 5)

The Misery of Choosing   In my last post, we talked about the growing importance of two concepts that are radically changing consumer marketing practices: The Choice Equation and the Influence Mix. The influence mix { D = f(P+M+O)}, captures the forces behind a consumer purchase decision by looking at her prior preferences and experiences […]


The Masters of Big Data – Interviews with five big data experts in banking

For decades now, banks have been able to retain their customers through traditional channels. However, recent shifts in the industry are threatening this historically stable customer base. Today’s consumer is used to engaging with retailers and expects his needs to be anticipated across services. And so, they expect similar responsiveness from their banks. The potential […]


Crayon Data selected to join Amadeus Next

Singapore based creators of the next generation of Choice Engines, poised to shape the future of travel Singapore/Chennai – 4 May, 2016 – Crayon Data, one of Asia’s fastest growing big data companies has been selected to be part of Amadeus’ Asia Pacific travel technology startup community, Amadeus Next. The community was created to mentor, nurture and partner with […]

I don’t think there are many banks that value human experience” – in conversation with Tim Kobe, the iconic designer behind the original Apple Stores.

  Manu: Tell us a little about yourself, outside of the information that is publicly available online? Tim:  I am from California. I got started in business 25 years ago. I studied Bachelor of Science, environmental design at art center college of design, at Pasadena. I am still a member of the board of trustees there. […]

“We’re witnessing the creative destruction of financial services, rearranging itself around the consumer. Whoever does this in the most relevant, exciting way using data and digital, wins!” says banking expert, Arvind Sankaran, in his interview

I recently interviewed Arvind Sankaran, Global business leader. We talked about FinTech startups, innovation in the banking industry, big data analytics, and wealth management. He also shared about his experience working with banks like CITI, HSBC, and Barclays. Read the complete interview below: Manu: Can you tell us about yourself? Arvind: I am a chemical […]

Get the stats! On customer experience, personalization, mobile banking and big data for banks

Technologies like big data analytics, digital personalization, and marketing tech have gone from early-adopter novelties, to main stream essentials. It’s therefore no secret that the banking landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. So we’ve rounded up nineteen powerful stats that are sure to be eye-openers, if not total mind-changers.   Source Links: […]