Working for a mission, not a boss: Interview with Suresh Shankar

I had a brilliant opportunity to interview Suresh V. Shankar, founder of Crayon, at Slush Singapore 2016. At the conference, he spoke about his experience—and the difficulties he faced—as an entrepreneur. He also talked about how he overcame them. Suresh sold his previous company, RedPill Solutions, to IBM in 2009. However, his entrepreneurial journey did […]


Crayo-thon: Crayon’s first Hackathon

We ran our first hackathon at Crayon. Teams from our Chennai and Singapore offices participated. And boy, did we receive some impressive prototypes. One of the great things about the Crayo-thon was that it brought people from very different teams together. All working together to crack a problem statement, in the best possible way. We […]


IITs revoke ban on big data company Crayon Data

NEW DELHI: All IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) Placement Committee (AIPC) has revoked the ban on big data company Crayon Data with offices in Singapore and India. Crayon Data was among the 31 companies that recently barred by the AIPC as they failed to honour their placement commitment to IIT students. Big data company, which […]