The Kindness of Strangers – Thank you Singapore

It was 20 years ago today The Kindness of Strangers Thank you Singapore (Sung to the tune of Sgt Pepper’s…..) It was 20 years ago today That I came to Singapore to play I’ve been going round and round in life Even found myself a wife So may I re-introduce to you The guy you’ve known […]

Choice and new consumer: (Article 2 in a series of 5)

The Misery of Choosing   In my last post, we talked about the growing importance of two concepts that are radically changing consumer marketing practices: The Choice Equation and the Influence Mix. The influence mix { D = f(P+M+O)}, captures the forces behind a consumer purchase decision by looking at her prior preferences and experiences […]

Data is the new oil of the Digital Economy

Everyone from geeks to CEOs is on the data bandwagon. Today, for a CEO to say, “I’m not investing in data and analytics” is the same as him saying “I’m not interested in our customers”. The real question is not whether you invest in data or not. What matters is what I call Return on […]

The age of the cockroach

I read an article, The Age of the Cockroach, on Medium and found myself completely agreeing with it. In fact, it hit a sweet spot. We all know there’s a lot of money chasing that all B2C internet and e-commerce start-ups need to do. These investments however happen at highly inflated valuations. Most of the […]

Two powerful concepts that define today’s new consumer: Influence Mix and Choice Equation

Today, there’s a lot of buzz around a few words. Data: the big, the small, the relevant. Social media, contextual marketing, going viral, and influencers. Digital advertising, mobile first, e-commerce. Everyone splashes around in the shallow end of tech trends. They convince themselves that they are swimming in the deep waters of fundamental changes in […]

The Death of Search

Some 16 odd years ago, Google made search engines famous and ubiquitous. It’s sell-by date has come. Think about it. Search was the greatest thing in the world because it achieved Google’s wonderful vison of ‘organising the world’s information’. But now… what is the point of a million results, give or take a billion. Who […]