Unbundling design for innovation in Big Data

“At Crayon, the visual design always took precedence over the systems design. This is because the experience-centric systems place a premium on user experience over the backend systems efficiency. During the early decades of my professional career, I have been trained as a critical systems designer in the domain of real-time systems, and mostly in […]


Privacy debates: the two axes that govern them

I recently read an article on Tech Crunch about Apple’s public pro-privacy stand, and Snowden’s recent public appearance on Twitter. These two events may not seem related. However, to quote the article, “pro-privacy moves by mainstream tech giants can absolutely chart a link back to Snowden’s 2013 revelations about the extent of government surveillance of […]


Big data meets design: Visual communication in big data

A chance encounter with Crayon’s co-founder Srikant Sastri in Colombo in 2012, led to my introduction to Crayon’s founder Suresh Shankar in Singapore. It took just a few meetings with Suresh, for me to realize that he is a visual story teller. In strict technical terms, he represented a semiotic view of symbols and usefulness, […]

A Taste of Choice: Building a Taste Graph

This is the second part of Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi’s earlier post Big data analytics – Not just a matter of scale. “It is in the above context that the recent advances in recommender systems need to be viewed. The use of graph based systems for solving social and information affinity problems is a case in […]

Big data analytics – Not just a matter of scale

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. Peter Drucker It is only when you reflect on your experiences do they translate into learning. And so, having been in the technology space for close to three decades, I’ve had the opportunity to get a ringside view of […]