Our data platform with Docker

This article has been co-authored by Rafi Syed and Sree Pratheep. As a continuation of our earlier article on Docker, here is a brief about how we started our journey in Docker. Our goal was to have a completely self-sufficient development cum integration environment – to make the development experience smoother and to reduce the […]

Tools in the data armoury: R vs Spark

The purpose of this article is twofold. The first is to give a quick comparison between R and Spark, in terms of performance. The second is to introduce you to Spark’s ML library. Background As R is inherently single threaded, it may not be wise to compare Spark and R in terms of performance. Though […]


Why we chose Docker to build Crayon’s data processing platform

Historically, it has been a struggle for enterprise software vendors to control the deployment environment on their client’s installation base. Without proper control on the deployment environment, troubleshooting any issues on the client’s setup was a nightmare. Initially, companies delivered an appliance with a customized OS image as part of it. That gave complete control […]