How relatively unknown start-ups took on big banks and won: A tale of leveraging big data

For many years, banks and financial institutions dominated the currency trading arena and money transfer services. Banks were viewed as the most credible, reliable and efficient means of conducting international money transfers. However, the costs of using banks for these services are prohibitive. The Internet of Things has rapidly leveled the playing field, making it […]


Get chatty: Banks and their customers have a common friend

Chatbots are taking over the world. Banks have started investing in this intelligent chatty friend, to make their customer conversations easier and more efficient. Human – human to human- machine? …. Better? Safer? Faster? What are chatbots? Chatbots are programs that interact with customers usually over the internet to provide insights, services, and products. Rules […]

application of chatbots in banking

Say goodbye to boring, automated tele-conversations

Panic! One can’t truly appreciate the sense of this word, until you realize you have misplaced your wallet that has your credit cards! So, you frantically call home or office just to check whether you have left your wallet over there. And you finally realize that you have lost your wallet. That is when the […]


Banks risk losing $600 billion of millennial spending

The banking industry needs to reimagine what current day banking means to millennials, or risk losing out on a potential $600 billion of indirect spending that millennials can influence. By the year 2020, Asia will be home to 60 percent of the world’s millennials, who will have an expected $200 billion in disposable income, giving them unprecedented spending power. […]


The Masters of Big Data – Interviews with five big data experts in banking

For decades now, banks have been able to retain their customers through traditional channels. However, recent shifts in the industry are threatening this historically stable customer base. Today’s consumer is used to engaging with retailers and expects his needs to be anticipated across services. And so, they expect similar responsiveness from their banks. The potential […]


9 inspiring quotes from experts shaping the future of banking

Who doesn’t like a good quote? We come across interesting and useful quotes all of the time in literature, news media, entertainment, and so on. A potent, succinct quote that underlines a key point or supports an important truth can be like gold. Often the value of a quote is reinforced by who stated it such […]