Interview with Nitin Chugh on personalization & digital transformation in banks

I recently interviewed Nitin Chugh, Country Head – Digital Banking at HDFC Bank Limited, and we discussed some hot topics in banking industry today: digital transformation, personalization, AI & machine learning, blockchain etc. HDFC Bank is an acknowledged Innovation leader in the BFSI space. Nitin heads the Digital Innovation Unit which works on new ideas, technologies and […]


How relatively unknown start-ups took on big banks and won: A tale of leveraging big data

For many years, banks and financial institutions dominated the currency trading arena and money transfer services. Banks were viewed as the most credible, reliable and efficient means of conducting international money transfers. However, the costs of using banks for these services are prohibitive. The Internet of Things has rapidly leveled the playing field, making it […]


The Kindness of Strangers – Thank you Singapore

It was 20 years ago today The Kindness of Strangers Thank you Singapore (Sung to the tune of Sgt Pepper’s…..) It was 20 years ago today That I came to Singapore to play I’ve been going round and round in life Even found myself a wife So may I re-introduce to you The guy you’ve known […]

Choice and new consumer: (Article 2 in a series of 5)

The Misery of Choosing   In my last post, we talked about the growing importance of two concepts that are radically changing consumer marketing practices: The Choice Equation and the Influence Mix. The influence mix { D = f(P+M+O)}, captures the forces behind a consumer purchase decision by looking at her prior preferences and experiences […]

Can Fintechs take banks to the edge of innovation?

his post was written by a guest author Banks. When was the last time you associated the words “innovation”, “forward thinking”, “futuristic” etc. with them? I would say “never!” Banks are generally thought as being traditional and conservative. But the future isn’t any of these. It is fast, shiny and rocketing away at scary speeds, […]

10 data science and big data experts to follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great source of information, and lets you quickly scan your feed and engage with content that intrigues you. Even though this eliminates a lot of unnecessary noise, you need to follow the right people, if you are on a constant lookout for great information. In no particular order, here are 10 data […]