Crayon Data in the list of 15 Indian Big Data companies to watch out for

This article appeared on As the data we generate every micro-second grows and accelerates at a rapid velocity, the requirement for making a business decision is shifting from hindsight-based decision making to a foresight-based approach. Companies are banking upon Big Data and analytics.  According to an industry report by NASSCOM – in partnership with […]


Simplifying choices for the world

This article appeared on Crayon Data, a Singapore-based big data company, is touted as one of the fastest growing in Asia. To date, it has raised US$7million in funding, and has also bagged prestigious industry awards such as the TiE Silicon Valley’s 2014 Global Hot Technology Start-up Watch List. EACH day, we are faced […]


The O Alliance Announces Newest Affiliate: Crayon Data

his news story appeared in Yahoo News NEW YORK: The O Alliance today announced the addition of Crayon Data to its network of world-class, transformational Affiliate members, with expertise in key areas designed to support retailers’ efforts to unlock value and achieve greater profitability. Expanding on The O Alliance’s existing best in class consultancy suite, […]


Crayon Data launches knowledge tank for all things big data

Appeared on Financial Express Big data is driving innovation, business success and job opportunities everywhere on a large and rapid scale. Most often, big data professionals, investors, job seekers and students are clueless on where to look for the right information, thanks to the flood of big data resources on the web. So, the need […]


Bridging the gap between talent and big data analytics

his article, written by Crayon co-founder Srikant Sastri, appeared on InformationWeek. Big Data is a wonderful idea; it can revolutionize the way organisations work and solve problems. In order to turn this phenomenal idea into a reality, organizations need to gear up to face some extreme challenges. One such challenge, is filling the talent gap […]


How Hospitality Industry is Leveraging the Big Data?

Appeared on Data has become an integral part of our society today. Widespread use of the Internet, social media, location-based services and multimedia are contributing to the ever-growing data explosion that is generating information about people, their preferences, likes and so much more. Such vast amounts of data have created new opportunities for industries […]


Mindshare partners with Crayon Data to boost its planning

Mindshare, the flagship media agency of GroupM, has forged a partnership with big data company, Crayon Data to power its planning, insights and consultancy offering. The partnership will help in rolling out adaptive solutions for marketers, providing the ability to not only identify different consumer profiles and segments, but also target and track those profiles […]