The search for Long Johns in cold New York

It is minus 13 °C in New York City (with the wind chill), and I feel woefully unprepared for the cold. I immediately head to the Uniqlo store on 5th Avenue – to check out their Heattech vests, long johns and socks. They are out of long johns. A sales associate tells me and some […]


Re-Imagining the Store of the Future – Part II

You are in a department store. After waiting in line, you get to the fitting room – and try out the outfit you’ve picked out. You love it, except…’s the wrong size. You now have to change back into your clothes – go out pick the right size, and get back to the fitting room. […]


Re-Imagining the Store of the Future

A couple of months ago, on a trip to the US, I decided to replace my aging MacBook with a MacBook Air. I placed the order online, since I also wanted to soup up the memory and hard disk. While I was at it, I decided to order a “COVER” for the machine. Four days […]


Big Data Wants to be Your Shopping Buddy

Imagine a nice Friday afternoon walking around your local mall. You walk into your favorite browsing for a new outfit to wear to your friend’s party later in the evening. Although you usually shop in-store, sometimes you shop online, as many people all over the world do. You wander into the shoe section. “Those black […]