Application Support Engineer

Crayon is looking out for an IT professional who provides technical support regarding a spectrum of from database management, DevOps to programming.
The applicant needs both technical knowledge and “people” skills to do their job well. The application support engineer will need to collaborate with other team members and also with customers when required.
Duties and Responsibilities
An ideal Application Support Engineer needs to have at least a working knowledge of database management, different operating systems, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Big Data Tools & Technologies, and different programming languages. These are the core responsibilities.

Identifying and Evaluate Technology Solutions

The Application Support Engineer is a key member of the team responsible for using technology to improve business performance and strategy. This duty involves using one’s complex problem solving skills to brainstorm software solutions, and then work together in a small group to craft a pitch to present the idea to the company’s decision makers.
Problem Solve and Troubleshoot
Although the Application Support Engineer is the first line of defense in finding the root cause of an application malfunction, sometimes they find an issue too severe for them to address. Their duty in this scenario is to escalate the issue to the relevant people.
Onboard New Users

This is where strong communication and interpersonal skills come in handy. The Application Support Engineer will be a part of the team responsible for ensuring new users of an application have a smooth onboarding process. These users could be internal users of the company, or they can be clients Crayon.
Identify Potential Issues

The Application Support Engineer needs the foresight to anticipate and address potential issues before they become issues. This takes good organizational skills and a keen attention to detail.
Work with Cross-Functional Teams

This role needs the engineer work with the support team on a daily basis to contribute to Crayon’s overall needs and strategy.
Dev Ops


• Working knowledge of various Database Management Software like SQL Databases, Hadoop, Hive, Couchbase etc.
• Basic network configuration
• Working Knowledge of IT Hardware and Software
• Complex problem solving
• Written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to diagnose & address application issues
• Working knowledge of Linux (preferably Ubuntu, CentOS)
• Preferred knowledge of AWS services such as ELB, Cloud Front, Route 53, EC2 etc.
• Scripting Languages like Python, ShellScript
• JAVA Programming
• Experience in DevOps
• Working knowledge of web platform development software

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