Data Scientist

Crayon is looking for strong candidates that thrive on the challenges associated with building new products and developing intellectual property. The successful candidate will enjoy engaging in substantive technical discussions and is passionate about his/her trade.
Expectations are very high in terms of skill, motivation, self-organization and productivity. Applicants must excel at working in groups that may or may not be co-located as well as being comfortable with shifting timelines and changing requirements


1. Hands on experience in Java or Scala.
2. Strong understanding and hands on experience of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine learning techniques (like classification, clustering, regression, etc,.)
3. Experience with prototyping of these ML techniques using R or Python
4. Experience with productising the same using Spark ML, Apache Mahout, Weka, etc,.
5. Strong understanding on various types of recommender systems like Collaborative Filtering, Content based filtering, Association rule mining, etc,.
6. Working knowledge of Big Data Tech stack — Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL databases like Couchbase, HBase, Solr, etc,.

Desirable Skills

1. Hands on experience in developing recommender systems at production scale.
2. Exposure towards DevOps and containers like Docker.
3. Exposure on cloud environments like AWS, Azure, etc,.
4. Understanding on unstructured (text) data processing and NLP

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