7 ways to hire a data scientist, the right way

If you’re looking to hire a data scientist, you’re not alone. Investment in big data is rocketing, and with it, the need for talented data analysts. Indeed, McKinsey predicts a 50-60 per cent shortage of data scientists by 2018 – and this is only in the US.

There may be fierce competition over top analytic talent, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to find. Here are my tips on how to find it:

1. Create an attractive, growth-oriented offer

Recruiting a data scientist means entering a ferociously competitive hiring arena. The best candidates are being courted by any number of companies, so employers need to have prepared a tempting offering in order to set themselves apart.

Salary is important, but many data scientists are looking for interesting work, not just a lucrative position.
Put some time into answering these questions: What kind of career progression can you offer? What projects can you offer your data scientist, and who will she be working with? Inquisitive minds are easily bored, so how can you offer variety within the role?

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Arvind Lakshminarayanan

Arvind is the editor-in-chief of Big Data Made Simple. He is also a content specialist at Crayon Data.

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