The Maya proposition



Enterprises can deliver personalised choices to their customers real time, all based on their taste. Integrates with digital fulfillment and payment systems too. Spaces is available on both the web and mobile

Spaces is equipped with :

  • A standard API to work with enterprises' digital assets
  • Widgets for rapid deployment
  • A bot
  • White labelled Apps


A visualisation of customers' tastes,
derived from effective customer engagement

  • Links internal behaviour data to Crayon’s external partner data
  • Links to social media partner audiences. Across verticals for customer acquisition
  • Integrates with data marts, campaign and marketing
    automation systems
  • Auto updates with real time data feeds
  • Supports life-cycle and life-stage based analytics models


Private Marketplace

Allows enterprises to find customers who have affinities for different merchants. And view the potential to acquire new merchants.

With Private Marketplace, enterprises can :

  • Onboard new merchants and aggregators
  • Integrate with campaign management workflows
  • Evaluate performance of current offers and merchants
  • Target customers based on tastes and merchants
  • Commerce Studio workbench includes enterprise and merchant facing applications that allows them to set up a private marketplace