• Consumers want to be recognised for their individuality. Enterprise leaders still choose to treat them like other similar customers, we make it personal to capture value
  • Choice is abundant, we narrow it to relevant
  • Journeys begin and end on digital platforms, we help you influence the right choice at the right time

maya.ai can help you


  • Drive 3-7% increase in spends
  • Activate Inactive Customers
  • 15-20% of total spends from at-risk segments
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  • Translate each transaction into 100s of “taste” attributes
  • Create a digital storefront for every individual on web, mobile
  • Forecast purchase likelihood and engage with relevant content
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  • From raw data to personal store-fronts, campaigns in 7 days
  • Identify the right merchants to acquire within 7 days
  • Out-of-the-box use cases means cost and time savings of 50% compared to normal analytics
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