Value capture is shifting from 'point of purchase' to 'point of discovery'

  • From telcos to devices and apps
  • From retail to e-commerce
  • From airlines to OTAs
  • From cards to e-wallets
Therefore, it is critical that enterprises shape the customer journey.

'Asset' ownership is losing across the value chain to ‘Customer’ ownership

Traditional enterprises are at the end of the customer journey funnel. They have become incidental to their customers’ purchase decisions.


Wanted :

A new business capability to #OwnCustomers

and have #21CenturyConversations

Today, consumers are no longer the same. There is a massive shift in Value and Margin Capture.

The digital equation for success is

Success = f (Data, Customer Journey and AI)

What are the key missing elements? Personal matching at scale, and the ability to translate Personal Tastes
into Personal Engagement.

Banks, airlines, hotels and retailers need to #GetPersonal to compete against digital disruptors. They need to shift focus :

From Assets to Customers

From Share-of-Wallet
to Share-of-Time

From Monetization First
to Engagement First

From Offers to
Search, Discovery,
Fulfilment and Incentives

From Email to
Mobile and Chat