Crayo-thon: Crayon’s first Hackathon

We ran our first hackathon at Crayon. Teams from our Chennai and Singapore offices participated. And boy, did we receive some impressive prototypes.

One of the great things about the Crayo-thon was that it brought people from very different teams together. All working together to crack a problem statement, in the best possible way. We found that it is a terrific platform to find collaborators across teams and projects at Crayon. Here’s what our first Crayo-thon looked like:


Crayon data's first hackathon

1 thought on “Crayo-thon: Crayon’s first Hackathon

  1. Hi,

    Good to hear about your first hackathon. If you interested, Crayon & Fusion Analytics World can partner and promote all your future hackathons. Let me know.

    Thank you,
    Kalyan Banga

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