Crayons Of Lockdown – Naman Doshi

In the newest edition of #CrayonsOfLockdown, we have data scientist Naman Doshi! He talks about working from home while staying productive, and gives us a sneak peak into his closet workstation!

How does it feel to work from home on an extended basis?
The first week into lockdown, I was pro-WFH as I felt productive. As days passed, I started missing things like having people around and my work desk (which has a pretty sweet view) and walking! At this moment, work is the only thing that’s keeping me sane. I feel grateful for being in a position where I have a stocked fridge, work to get me through the day, and a decent internet connection. Pandemic puts things into perspective. But, that said, I CANNOT WAIT TO GET BACK TO OFFICE!

What do you do to stay productive when working from home?
A dedicated workspace and to-do lists are two things that help me stay productive. It is extremely easy to get distracted so I keep my phone in the other room. I’ve also fashioned my closet into a standing-desk as you can see in the picture. #jugaad

How do you de-stress yourself while working?
Recently while cleaning out my closet, I found my old ping pong racket. Since then I’ve been playing single player “ping-pong-squash” against the wall (am I onto to something?). Anyway, this calms me down when I get a little stressed.

What’s one new skill you’ve learnt while being on lock down?
I try to cook but so far I’ve failed miserably. I’ve also started to learn more about value investing and that requires me to be up to date with the latest economic news and other events happening in the country.

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