Life @Crayon – Amev

How long have you been at Crayon?

4 years and 8 months

What do you do at Crayon?

Corporate Finance

What’s your average day like?

Spreadsheets. At our investors’ beck and call. The Occasional ‘Story to Deck’. More Spreadsheets. Basically, Saving The World!

What’s your favorite Crayon memory?

Signing the Mitsui investment agreement

What’s your favourite thing about working at Crayon?/ What keeps you coming to work every day?

There is always an opportunity to learn something new and get your hands dirty. I enjoy the chaos, the responsibility and thrive best in a high-pressure (a.k.a. everything last minute) work environment – and Crayon offers me just that!

What do you contribute to Crayon (apart from your functional knowledge!)

Probably, a sense of calm in the chaos

If you were a Crayon colour what colour would you be? And why?

Blue. I feel it represents everything “limitless”

If we had to choose a mascot for Crayon – who would it be and why? (can be a person living or dead who inspires you, a fictional superhero, anyone) Tony Stark. He is a visionary. He is creative and curious. He is conscientious.

Working at Crayon allows me to …………….. (something outside of work)

… go for my very frequent mid-night runs

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