Life @ Crayon – Shankar Ganesh


1) How long have you been at Crayon?

At the time of answering this questionnaire, it’s a grand total of 2013 days. And this is inclusive of weekends and holidays. Incidentally, I joined in 2013 as well! 😉

2) What do you do at Crayon?

So far, I have juggled various roles. A majority of my time is spent on client delivery and data delivery.

3) What’s your average day like?

There is a lack of data to calculate the average. 😉
But, as a proxy, out of the 2013 days, there were 1226 meeting invites (according to Google calendar). If we remove the weekends & holidays, then on an average I approximately had one meeting a day.

4) What’s your favourite Crayon memory?

That the office can be a home. (It quite literally became home during the Chennai floods.)

5) What’s your favourite part about working at Crayon? What keeps you coming to work every day?

The bean bags at the Chill Corner.

6) What do you contribute to Crayon? (Apart from your functional knowledge!)

I have a winning streak at Crayon. I’ve won the 2017 Carrom Championship along with my partner Varun. And Karuna and I were the runners-up for this year’s Badminton Championship. I’ve also run in the Chennai marathon every year, from 2013 to 2016 (representing Crayon of course!).

7) If you were a Crayon colour, what colour would you be? And why?

Purple or blue. Because they’re my favourite 😉

8) If we had to choose a mascot for Crayon, who would it be and why? (can be a person living or dead who inspires you, a fictional superhero, anyone)

Chiti Robo

9)Working at Crayon allows me to … (Tell us what you do outside of work)

… maintain my health and physique. Either with a morning workout or by skipping food!

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