Suresh Shankar on entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and banking

Suresh Shankar, founder of Crayon Data, talks about how entrepreneurship is all about persistence and perseverance, through one of his favourite anecdotes on the Chinese bamboo tree. One that will get all you budding entrepreneurs fired up and ready to make a change! Catch him in conversation with the University of Oxford and Said Business School.

Suresh Shankar also discusses ‘obvious’ opportunities in the digital banking space and the financial disruption sphere. With burgeoning amounts of unstructured data, Suresh says the way forward is to utilize this and build products that will herald change.

Suresh Shankar is a big data and analytics evangelist, entrepreneur and innovator; he established his second start‐up, Crayon Data in Singapore in 2012. Recognized today as one of the world’s top big data companies, Crayon is on a mission to simplify the world’s choices with its flagship product,>.

Suresh spent the first 15 years of his 30‐year career in sales, marketing, advertising, media and banking. He has witnessed the transformation of marketing from a right to a left-brained pursuit. His expertise in customer analytics was the foundation for RedPill Solutions, set up in 2000 in Singapore. Business leader IBM acquired RedPill Solutions in 2009.

About Suresh V Shankar

AI, big data and analytics evangelist and two-time entrepreneur. It struck me that marketing will undergo a paradigm shift of being a right-brained activity to a left-brained one. This led me to set up my first start-up, RedPill Analytics, in 2000 in Singapore. RedPill was the first analytics firm in Asia. Business leader IBM acquired RedPill in 2009, to date one of their few Asian acquisitions. Now a 2nd time entrepreneur with Crayon Data, with a bold vision to simplify the world's choices using our revolutionary personalisation platform: Our platform is built on two patented technologies, Taste Graph and Choice API. Crayon has been one of the only Asian players to consistently win global recognition. Spent the first 15 years of my 34-year career in sales, marketing, advertising, media and banking. Part of many firsts, including the launch of the credit card and consumer banking revolution in India, the first media buying company in India, and the first internet banking and personalisation pilots in Asia. Love working with sparky people who see things as they think it should be not as they are; daring clients who are willing to create the future; and courageous investors who are putting their monies behind our ideas for world domination. Come talk to us at Crayon to experience the Magic of today.
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