Add your color to the Crayon Box

Crayons are a diverse and passionate bunch.

We are Crayon Data

Life in the Crayon Box is a little chaotic, largely dynamic, and keeps us on our toes! Crayons are a diverse and passionate bunch. Challenges excite us. Our mission drives us. And good food, caffeine (for the most part) and youthful energy fuel us.

You’ll find Crayon Boxes in Singapore, Chennai and Dubai. But you’ll find Crayons in every corner of the world.

Be the CEO of your own career

Join a brilliant team of problem-solvers

The world is full of problems and we’ve chosen some pretty interesting ones to solve. Here are some of things you can look forward if you join our team:

  • World-class R&D and breakthrough methods to solve problems (psst, we have several patents under our belt, you could be a part of our next big idea!)
  • Top-notch data and computer science talent
  • Offices, clients and partners in over 10 countries. Our teams are incredibly diverse
  • Opportunity to travel to and work on exciting projects around the world
Navigate your path to success

We believe that everyone is the captain of their destiny. Crayon provides the compass for you to realize it! Here’s how we help you chart your course:

  • Team Jigsaw, a growing community of mentors and learners
  • Structured goals for a clear view of your career path
  • Regular demo days, hackathons and external events to showcase your talent
  • The opportunity to move across teams to build your experience and skillsets
A bright and open workspace (for when the world opens up again)

Crayons can work from home or anywhere in the world. We’re flexible like that. But we love our offices because nothing beats  camaraderie between colleagues! Here’s what you’ll find when you walk through our doors:

  • An open seating plan with collaborative spaces
  • A designated chill corner, where great ideas are born!
  • A pantry that’s always stocked with delicious and healthy treats
  • A fun recreation corner to de-stress
  • A cosy nap room to rest and rejuvenate

The Crayon Box of Values

Culture and purpose lend a person happiness at work. Here are our set of values that we believe in and shape our culture.
And as any Crayon will tell you, we’re fanatical about them!

The mission is the boss

Responsibility with

Practice constructive

Be the benchmark

Get shit done

Think data, craft

Simplicity is

These are the values we prize in our people

A true Crayon will embody all of these values and walk the talk. All the values, all the time.


in planning


in execution


in intention

Team first

in thinking


in ambition


in creation


in action

Take your spot in the Crayon box

Think you’ll feel at home with our innovative, quirky and data-driven tribe? Then jump right in! Check out our open positions

The perks of being a Crayon

We’ve got you and your family
covered with our insurance policies

A generous sabbatical and leave policy
for those much-needed breaks

Awards, rewards and recognitions
for the star in you

Work from home or the Box.
We’re flexible like that

Win bonuses for
successful referrals

Sports and wellness meet-ups
for the body, mind and soul

We celebrate everything – festivals,
birthdays and more

Make it to the
Spiffy Crayons hall of fame

jobs at crayon data
life at crayon data

Why we
love Crayon

Talk about a steep learning curve! Crayon gave that to me. Never had the first job jitters, thanks to all the crayons.



Having completed a few months at Crayon, all my initial worries of joining the well-knit team remotely have disappeared! I appreciate how everyone pitches in to onboard new team members and participate in larger group virtual events. Proud to be a Crayon!


Business & Strategy

Working at Crayon is a perfect place to start one’s career – fast paced, hands-on and experimental. Provides a strong environment for learning, growing and creating a strong professional profile.


Rohit G

The rate of learning that I have been through here is more than any of the other companies I have worked prior to this.



I always have great fun and learning experiences while working at Crayon. I feel a sense of joy working in a dynamic and multicultural space with many helping hands around.



At Crayon Data, we deal with large volumes of different types of data, and emphasize on its veracity. The key aspects I cherish working here are to firefight issues, productize a solution, and build and scale apps. Every fire that we fight makes a customer’s life better.



Crayon is as vibrant and dynamic as its name suggests. Everyone is passionate and driven when implementing projects. Truly a nurturing and inspiring bunch of people to work with and learn from!



I have found that Crayons are driven by the great creative energy of desire. Desire to be the best in everything. Their collective excellence just guides you into individual brilliance.



Crayon Data opened the doors for growth and has been supporting me in my curiosity for learning. I got the opportunity to wear multiple hats which made it all the more interesting.


Sundara Raghavan

Everyone truly gets along and pitches in to get the job done — even if it’s not written in their job descriptions.