Michael Shannon
Posted by Michael Shannon
February 15, 2019

How does NASA use big data?

Do you know that the term “big data” was first used in a 1997 paper by scientists at NASA, describing an interesting challenge, they...

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Kibo Hutchinson
Posted by Kibo Hutchinson
December 11, 2018

Data analytics use cases: How big data can help form better governments

The best thing about big data analytics is its adaptability and widespread application. It can be (and has been) applied to a divergent number...

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Kayla Matthews
Posted by Kayla Matthews
July 30, 2018

Digital license plates and Big Data: What you need to know

California started entertaining the idea of digital license plates in 2013. While the governor was quick to sign legislation in favor of the new...

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Jijo Thomas
Posted by Jijo Thomas
May 16, 2018

Why relying on big data strategies is risky for political parties

Elections are like writing an exam! There are only two kinds of people who succeed in the exams – the people who work hard...

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Judy Selby
Posted by Judy Selby
July 7, 2016

How much is that big data in the window — big data decisions impact business valuations

As both digital and more traditional companies become more and more dependent on data to compete in today’s information economy, data is starting to...

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ankita gupta
Posted by ankita gupta
February 20, 2015

Big Data will one day replace political Pundits and strategists

Does Big Data have any role in politics? Can it help political parties improve their door to door campaigns based on people’s responses in...

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