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Ida Jessie Sagina
Posted by Ida Jessie Sagina
December 13, 2017

Big Data in aviation - Six trending technologies

Large and Luxurious – has become a way of life for the city of impeccable architecture and style – Dubai. Apart from being the...

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Philip Piletic
Posted by Philip Piletic
July 11, 2017

How IoT and big data are driving smart traffic management and smart cities

Have you ever sat down and imagined the capabilities and limitations of big data – a term we give to drawing insights by applying...

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Savaram Ravindra
Posted by Savaram Ravindra
June 9, 2017

Does your car read your expressions? AI and machine learning make this possible

Very soon, your car will recognize you when you get behind the wheel. Utilizing cameras with biometric indicators and facial recognition software, the automakers...

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Ronald van Loon
Posted by Ronald van Loon
May 29, 2017

IoT-connected cars of today - Cases from Hertz, Nokia, NTT, Mojio and Concur Technologies

Imagine a world where your car not only drives itself but also says intelligent things like these: A hotel is just around the corner...

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Sunu Philip
Posted by Sunu Philip
March 29, 2017

5 ways artificial intelligence is driving the automobile industry

Artificial intelligence is taking the automobile industry by storm while all the major automobile players are utilizing their resources and technology to come up...

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Albert Ahdoot
Posted by Albert Ahdoot
March 10, 2017

Big data drives Tesla - The future of Tesla and driverless cars

Thirteen years ago Elon Musk and a group of engineers formed a car company in Silicon Valley with one simple goal, “to prove that...

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