Daniel Wilson
Posted by Daniel Wilson
January 8, 2020

Top cloud-based cross-platform business apps for 2020

As a website owner, I always look for ways to optimize the work of the team. Mobile devices play the head role in content...

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Saša Vujnović
Posted by Saša Vujnović
December 16, 2019

The Highs and Lows of Crypto's First Decade (Infographic)

The year 2008 was a critical turning point in the history of finance. Bankers and average individuals recall it with dread, as seen by...

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Bernadine Racoma
Posted by Bernadine Racoma
December 11, 2019

Big Data: Using it to fight credit card fraud

In an age where information is becoming ever more valuable, many parties have taken it upon themselves to accumulate as much information on as...

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Michael Dehoyos
Posted by Michael Dehoyos
December 4, 2019

5 eCommerce social media analytics tips to maximize data

If you’re wondering how to start your e-commerce website and boost your social media performance, look no further. Whether you’re not satisfied with your...

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Meredith Wood
Posted by Meredith Wood
November 26, 2019

7 data-driven ways to optimize your online store for mobile [Infographic]

When user experience designers initially were faced with transferring their complex sites to mobile devices, they simply tried to cram as much as they...

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Rahul Varshneya
Posted by Rahul Varshneya
November 21, 2019

Quality lead generation: why data would lead the way in B2B marketing

Conducting a B2B sales process without a defined lead generation strategy is a lot like celebrating Halloween without the pumpkin and the candy —...

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