Artificial Intelligence

Lee Hwee Teo
Posted by Lee Hwee Teo
October 28, 2020

Suresh Shankar’s new podcast: Slaves to the Algo – How to stay relevant in the age of AI

Whether we know it or not, like it or not, our lives have been taken over by algorithms. Slaves to the Algo – How...

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Sharafudheen Mangalad
Posted by Sharafudheen Mangalad
September 25, 2020

Java in artificial intelligence: How is it used?

If you have this doubt whether Java can be used for Artificial Intelligence (AI), then, many brilliant Java developers in one voice will say...

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Brett Clawson
Posted by Brett Clawson
August 26, 2020

Three surprising ways the future of AI is already here

Artificial intelligence as envisioned by popular culture is still a distant goal for computer scientists and engineers. While many researchers are making progress towards...

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Will Ellis
Posted by Will Ellis
August 14, 2020

Artificial intelligence takes center stage in the war against pandemics

When an ongoing, recently discovered and highly contagious virus needs to be tracked and contained, this can prove difficult. Nothing has illustrated this challenge...

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Arvind Lakshminarayanan
Posted by Arvind Lakshminarayanan
July 21, 2020

Study proves AI robots can boost social skills in children on autism spectrum

Artificial intelligence (AI) robots are changing the world we live in by helping us to not only expand our physical abilities but augment our...

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Albert Cooper
Posted by Albert Cooper
July 16, 2020

5 emerging digital trends in the information technology sector

There are several emerging digital trends impacting the information technology sector as a whole. The IT industry has been experiencing a consistent expansion and...

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