Crayons Of Lockdown – Vaishnavi

In the newest edition of #CrayonsOfLockdown, we have the sales operation specialist Vaishnavi! She talks about working from home while staying productive, and a skill that she was able to master during this lockdown.

How does it feel to work from home on an extended basis? 
Well, if you all think that you’re losing it during this WFH phase, it happened to me way before?! Being in a joint fam with 7 beings, I have a few in-house distracting co-workers. Occasional melodrama and blame games go on and on. This makes me realize that I have devoured all the supplies around?. Pajamas, loose-T’s and high bun is the corporate attire I stick to, and that prevents me from turning on the video, during calls. I see a few nodding to this now.
What do you do to stay productive when working from home? 
 I am not sure how many of you do, but I try to breathe properly, a deep one. Binge eating is something that I avoid, and this prevents me from yawning. My workstation is always tidy and this makes even a consuming workday look fine. Having a pint of water beside me and drinking regularly keeps me afresh.

How do you de-stress yourself while working?
Sitting in the same place for a long time adds-on to my stress. At times, I turn into a chef trying out different cuisines. Let’s just say that the dish I make looks better than how it tastes (I like to be honest ?). At times I like watching TED talks.  Stretching and breathing are among the other de-stress tools resort to.

What’s one new skill you’ve learnt while being on lockdown? 
This lockdown was bliss for one definite reason. I was able to complete the chakra balancing course and now heading towards learning different modalities on healing and cleansing the aura of beings. Learning the vast science of cosmic forces and channelizing keeps me engaged

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