Manage the uncertainty in
your business with maya.ai

maya.ai Personalization Platform
The AI platform powering the age of relevance
The COVID-19 crisis has impacted businesses, communities and nations in
unprecedented ways. maya.ai helps enterprises navigate unexpected changes,
track employee and customer health, and go beyond their goals.

BCP Dashboard for Banks
BCP Dashboard
Keep track of your bank’s branch operations, employee and customer health with an all-in-one business continuity dashboard. It’s easy-to-use, updated in real-time and protected with a multi-tiered model.
  • Track employee health through daily web-based forms
  • Monitor branch status including staff and services available, and social distancing practices
  • Use contact tracing to identify and inform customers of a branch if an employee or another customer tests positive
Built on scalable
and intuitive tech
Highly scalable
  • Tested for 100K users and can handle many more
Completely secure
  • Hosted in a secure VPC in Azure or Amazon Cloud
  • Encrypted data with role-based access control and end-to-end audit trails
Independent of external data
  • No integrations needed
  • Out-of-box database management, visualization and configurable templates
Built on scalable and intuitive tech

The #BuildItBack
Stay relevant to win disproportionate share-of-wallet when lockdowns ease across the globe with an all-inclusive AI package.
Become agile
  • Identify and deliver emerging trends before they become behavior
Be digital first
  • Deliver across multiple digital assets through a suite of APIs
Unlock value
  • Treat customers for who they are and their response to the pandemic
Built to navigate shifting
consumer trends
The pandemic has significantly affected the payments industry. Customers have completely changed their spending habits to fit the times. At Crayon, we’ve seen
Decline in overall spends
  • During COVID-19, consumer spends have dropped by 20%-30% with discretionary spends taking the toll 70%-90%
Significant growth in selected categories
  • Some categories like grocery, online retail, food delivery and subscriptions continue to grow
Increase in digital adoption
  • Several categories like health services, retail, communication and dining have seen a decrease in offline transactions, but a 48% spike in online ones.
Banks must understand the changes in their customers' needs and stay relevant to them.
Find out what your bank can do to navigate
unpredictability, to stay safe and relevant