The AI platform powering
the age of relevance

The scale of the problem is massive

Billions of irrelevant messages are sent out every day, across multiple channels, such as SMS, email, targeted social media and Google ads.

Personalization can reach 50 billion users*

And impact a wallet size of 5 trillion USD **

maya.ai enables enterprises to stay relevant to their customers’ needs. Enterprises can now deliver personalized messages and experiences. At scale, with speed.

*Source: BCG       **Source: Nielsen

Stay ahead with maya.ai

A two-sided platform that unlocks the value of personalized commerce

Our platform connects a bank’s merchants to its customers. And offers relevant recommendations that customers can redeem and fulfil. With ease.

This drives value for all three parties and creates a rich ecosystem. Powered by maya.ai.

Stay ahead with maya.ai


Boost your revenues by 3-7%. Activate dormant customers and increase spends across your portfolio


Don’t waste time and money with campaigns that don’t yield ROI. Deploy with speed and agility.


Kill spam by delivering personalized experiences to each of your customers. Through unique, individually relevant digital storefronts


Personalize digital experiences. With no compromise on privacy

Unique customer experiences. At scale. With speed


The first step is to understand your customers. maya.ai matches your internal customer data with external data, for a 360° view of your customers’ tastes.


Then, engage millions of customers with AI-curated campaigns, to achieve your business objectives. All with a single API, the Choice API.


Finally, tap into an ecosystem of experiences and offers, from over one million merchants across categories. maya.ai maps offers to the right customers, based on their unique tastes, to drive transactions.


AI and API-driven tech.
Patented and privacy sensitive algos

Patented technology

Harness the power of external data with our TasteGraph™, and our Choice AI algorithm.

Privacy sensitive

Personalize without PII with TasteMatch. maya.ai uses behavior, not identity, to profile customers.

Cloud native and agnostic

Ready to deploy on any cloud provider. In a matter of days, not months.

API-driven and digital-first

Create intelligent and unique cross-channel customer journeys. Delivered through APIs.


maya.ai can be deployed across industries, with several use cases for each

Consumer banking

Cards, payments and wallets

Travel and hospitality

E-commerce and retail