Elizabeth Mailey
Posted by Elizabeth Mailey
August 25, 2019

4 must-have artificial intelligence tools for businesses today

When we talk about AI, we think on the lines of a dark dystopian technology that will take over the human race and make...

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Rehan Ijaz
Posted by Rehan Ijaz
August 19, 2019

AI provides the foundation for major breakthroughs in cancer treatments

Cancer is a pervasive problem that is becoming more prevalent in the United States and abroad. Oncologists are investing in new technology to improve...

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Emily Jacobs
Posted by Emily Jacobs
August 14, 2019

Is AI changing business intelligence?

Businesses are relying on business intelligence more than ever, but how are the recent innovations from AI impacting this sector? As a technology-driven process...

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HP Morgan
Posted by HP Morgan
August 9, 2019

Top 8 machine learning startups you should know about

The term artificial intelligence has been buzzing around for quite a long time. Not only limited to sci-fi movies anymore, but AI is also...

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Sherley Alaba
Posted by Sherley Alaba
August 7, 2019

How will AI and data technology transform the insurance industry?

When someone talks about artificial intelligence or innovation, the last thing that comes to our minds is the insurance industry. The reason for this...

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Morgen Henderson
Posted by Morgen Henderson
July 26, 2019

How streaming technology is educating every generation

Streaming technology is disrupting how we learn in the same way it’s changed how we consume entertainment. As an analogy, think of Netflix’s evolution...

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