artificial intelligence

Morgen Henderson
Posted by Morgen Henderson
July 19, 2019

4 ways technology helps us reduce our carbon footprint

The first justification for investing in technology is usually to increase efficiency and profits. Whether you’re a company or a consumer, most of us...

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Rodney Laws
Posted by Rodney Laws
July 17, 2019

Cash flow and big data: the fintech opportunity ahead

Maintaining stable finances is a core concern of almost every business, regardless of the size or type, because — unless you happen to be...

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Stephanie Donahole
Posted by Stephanie Donahole
July 16, 2019

Ways budding professionals can prepare for the future of AI

The world seems to be fueling a dystopian view of what artificial intelligence (AI) can do. However, no machine can ever be imbued with...

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Angela White
Posted by Angela White
June 19, 2019

Using artificial intelligence to transform employee productivity

In the modern workplace, technology is the real game changer. The majority of businesses today are inclined towards investing in automated systems that are...

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Jake Anderson
Posted by Jake Anderson
June 14, 2019

Data analytics and AI: ways to reduce risk and spending in a business

In an age of massive data generation, businesses have more raw information at their disposal than ever before. Many organizations are in the process...

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Manish Dudharejia
Posted by Manish Dudharejia
May 28, 2019

3 important ways that AI is helping e-commerce stores dramatically increase conversions

What makes a successful online business? Certainly, there is no one clear answer. There are many (not-so-secret) secrets to selling online successfully – including...

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