Andrej Kovačević
Posted by Andrej Kovačević
March 4, 2020

Blockchain technology: 3 ways how it's changing everything

For the average person, mentioning the concepts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is likely to bring one of two things to mind. One is...

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Arvind Lakshminarayanan
Posted by Arvind Lakshminarayanan
December 23, 2019

Blockchain prevalence, privacy and general data protection regulation (GDPR)

Online security has always been a major concern for individuals on the internet. Whether the general population knows it or not, there are issues...

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Saša Vujnović
Posted by Saša Vujnović
December 16, 2019

The Highs and Lows of Crypto's First Decade (Infographic)

The year 2008 was a critical turning point in the history of finance. Bankers and average individuals recall it with dread, as seen by...

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Farwa Sajjad
Posted by Farwa Sajjad
November 19, 2019

Can the internet be decentralized through blockchain technology?

When it comes to cybersecurity debates, a raging one these days is about the freedom on the internet. In the current Age of Information,...

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Suresh Karthik
Posted by Suresh Karthik
June 21, 2019

Blockchain technology: useful applications for small businesses

Blockchain is often associated with cryptocurrencies, and its application in other industries remains largely untapped. However, within a short period, technology has emerged as...

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