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Dhanya Nageswaran
Posted by Dhanya Nageswaran
March 1, 2021

Slaves to the Algo | Feed the Algo, Grow Your Audience: Digital Marketing with Eric Siu

Gamer turned marketing leader, podcaster and influencer Eric Siu discusses the importance of establishing strong values, maintaining relationships, and producing high-quality content in the...

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Rodney Laws
Posted by Rodney Laws
March 3, 2020

Examining how AI-ready data is ready to transform digital marketing

At its inception, the digital marketing industry still relied fairly heavily on things like gut instinct and inference from outdated precedent. The tools were...

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Nikhil Bansal
Posted by Nikhil Bansal
January 17, 2020

A beginner’s guide to voice search: how it'll change the future of SEO

Where the last few decades experienced the wave of mobile-first economy, the present and the upcoming decade denounce something that we call AI-first. Ok,...

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Rehan Ijaz
Posted by Rehan Ijaz
October 8, 2019

The biggest impact of machine learning for digital marketing professionals

The digital marketing profession is undergoing a tremendous shift. Machine learning is altering the dynamic between advertisers and customers in countless ways. A study...

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William Ellis
Posted by William Ellis
August 21, 2019

Digital marketing: can data improve creativity?

There are all sorts of data flowing through your network. From customer data that includes contact information as well as purchase activity to the...

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