machine learning

Posted by chinmoy
March 25, 2020

Keep your distance please: a case for social distancing in troubling times

Disclaimer: This piece of writing is meant to drive the case for social distancing and self-quarantines. It isn’t meant to cause panic. I’m in...

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Farwa Sajjad
Posted by Farwa Sajjad
March 17, 2020

How is ML Being Used to Handle Security Vulnerabilities?

In today’s age, it is impossible to implement effective cybersecurity technology without depending on innovative technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning...

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Caleb Danziger
Posted by Caleb Danziger
January 22, 2020

How innovative tech is transforming the manufacturing industry

Technology has undoubtedly reshaped almost every part of society, changing how people communicate, travel and live, among other things. It also upended processes and...

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Arun Kumar L
Posted by Arun Kumar L
January 18, 2020

All you need to know about coding standards for SQL queries

Coding standards are a set of guidelines, best practices, programming styles and conventions that developers adhere to when writing a piece of code for...

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Thomas Glare
Posted by Thomas Glare
January 2, 2020

10 groups of machine learning algorithms

By now, most people with a passion for programming and coding are already familiar with machine learning and its basics, at least. But for...

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Luke Loftin
Posted by Luke Loftin
October 15, 2019

FinTech 2019: 5 uses cases of machine learning in finance

We all know about machine learning when it comes to Japanese droids or Rhoomba intelligent vacuum cleaners, but how is machine learning being used...

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