Dhanya Nageswaran
Posted by Dhanya Nageswaran
February 23, 2021

Slaves to the Algo: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next electricity | Tim Kobe, Eight In‪c‬

We’ve all heard of the age-old adage of the right vs the left brain. In this episode, Tim Kobe, legendary architect and founder of...

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Ranjani Ragotham
Posted by Ranjani Ragotham
January 18, 2020

How eCommerce websites can take product pages to the next level

Personalization on an eCommerce website is not unusual in today’s consumer-driven world. Customers want brands to know them; to offer products that fit in with their...

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Debbie Fletcher
Posted by Debbie Fletcher
December 24, 2019

The guide to understanding your customers using impulse buys

Knowing and understanding your customers so the right product can be presented and sold to them in the appropriate way is the route to...

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Meredith Wood
Posted by Meredith Wood
November 26, 2019

7 data-driven ways to optimize your online store for mobile [Infographic]

When user experience designers initially were faced with transferring their complex sites to mobile devices, they simply tried to cram as much as they...

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Suresh Karthik
Posted by Suresh Karthik
September 6, 2019

Shopping and AI: what’s new in the world of retail

Over the past several years, the retail industry has undergone a tremendous transformation. With the rapid growth of eCommerce, spearheaded by tech giants like...

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Team Crayon Data
Posted by Team Crayon Data
July 12, 2019

The age of personalization: why industries should offer services based on taste

As a college student, I have many places I need to be. Between my college classes, my dorm, restaurants, concerts, my family home, grocery...

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