Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi
Posted by Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi
February 11, 2022

Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi on the technology renaissance

Crayon Data’s co-founder and CTO, Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi, gives us a peek into the decade ahead in terms of technology. This article was carried...

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Susanna Myrtle Lazarus
Posted by Susanna Myrtle Lazarus
October 22, 2021

The art of simple tech with solutions architect Ragunath Venkatraman

Before we talk about anything else: who exactly is a solutions architect?  Quoting H.L. Mencken, “For every complex problem, there’s a solution that is simple,...

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Ranjani Ragotham
Posted by Ranjani Ragotham
May 20, 2021

Crayon Data is one of top 10 data analytics startups redefining the Indian tech space

Date: May 20th, 2021 Source: IndustryWired These top 10 Indian analytics startups are to look out for this year According to a research report, the...

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Kalyn McKell
Posted by Kalyn McKell
March 12, 2020

The Future of Transportation Technology

As technology continues to evolve, there will be big changes coming to our roads and skies. The way we travel and commute could look...

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Andrej Kovačević
Posted by Andrej Kovačević
March 4, 2020

Blockchain technology: 3 ways how it's changing everything

For the average person, mentioning the concepts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is likely to bring one of two things to mind. One is...

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Aimee Laurence
Posted by Aimee Laurence
December 31, 2019

8 things to consider before you purchase HR technology

The technological revolution is an ongoing process. Every day more and more tech is introduced into all sorts of different fields, from sports therapy,...

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