Our stories are fired by big data and AI

Our raison d'être

Ideas and opinions need to be backed by tangible data.
Crayon aspires to make the data that permeates the world around us, simple and easy to understand.

We do so by creating AI-led, digital-first solutions


We believe that data is meant to serve the human spirit, not rule it.


We do this by making it simple for everyone to see, touch and use the information that will make a difference to our lives.


We create solutions that use data and AI to illuminate and simplify every aspect of your existence.

The genesis of Crayon

More is less

The vast amount of choices available today, makes you frustrated, less likely to choose, more likely to mess up, and less happy overall – Barry Schwartz At an airport, three pre-Crayon entrepreneurs struck up an interesting conversation. People today have way too much to choose from. And sometimes that makes it hard to make a choice. Even if it’s something as simple as choosing where to eat. They figured out that...

Less is more

With a moderate number of options (4 to 6), people are more likely to choose, more confident in their decision, and happier with their choice. - Sheena Iyengar And so, Crayon Data was born to simplify the world’s choices!

We handle data.
With art. With heart.

Our Crayon arrow logo is inspired by tangrams – the enduring Chinese puzzle involves just 7 precise pieces that have hundreds of different solutions. Just like data. The answers to everything in the universe are in the bytes of data we collect, that reveal different insights, through different combinations.

Artful solutions from precise science. And the complex made simple.

The Crayon Box of Values

Culture and purpose lend a person happiness at work. Here are our set of values that we believe in and shape our culture. And as any Crayon will tell you, we’re fanatical about them!

The mission is the boss

Responsibility with

Practice constructive

Be the benchmark

Get shit done

Think data, craft

Simplicity is

Our Founders

Suresh Shankar

Suresh is a second-time entrepreneur, and an evangelist of big data, analytics and digital personalization. His first venture, RedPill Analytics was acquired by IBM. With background in sales, marketing, advertising, media, analytics and Big Data, Suresh has been in the industry for 35 years. Long enough to see the transformation of marketing from right-brain to a left-brain pursuit.

Suresh Shankar

Founder and CEO

Srikant Sastri

Srikant is a successful entrepreneur, advisor and mentor in digital transformation, M&A-based growth strategy, intrapreneurship & CSR. He successfully built, scaled and sold two large service ventures in India and SE Asia.

Srikant Sastri

Co-Founder and Advisor

Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi

Vijaya Kumar (known as IVK) is a leading expert in innovation management and advanced technologies incubation in India. He consults in business strategy and transformation through new age technologies, covering areas like embedded systems, cloud services, big data analytics and mobility.

Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi

Co-Founder and CTO

Aarti Ramakrishnan

Aarti has 18+ years of experience in Marketing, Analytics and Operations, especially in the BFSI domain.  She enjoys bridging the gap between traditional business and new-age technology, for her clients. She dons many hats - operations, marketing and client management - while also making sure that Crayon is an eclectic and diverse workplace.

Aarti Ramakrishnan

Co-Founder and Chief of Operations

Our Captains

Ajoy Krishnamurthi
Ajoy Krishnamurthi

Chief Business Officer

Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy


Prateek Vyas
Prateek Vyas

VP, Sales – APAC, India and ANZ

Mudassar Waseem
Mudassar Waseem

VP, Platform Solutions

Sunil Varhadkar
Sunil Varhadkar

VP, Sales – MENAT and LatAm

Some of the milestones we’ve hit

Our first steps. Founding team meets in Singapore

March 2012

Crayon Singapore incorporated

June 2012

Employee No. 1
joins the box

October 2012

Client No. 1 signs us on

October 2012

We open our doors on Indian shores

March 2013

Our TasteGraph comes to life. Nando's is the first restaurant to be mapped on it.

September 2013

We are the only Asian big data company to be selected for CODE_n CEBIT, Germany and are one of the top 5 finalists at IBM's Watson Mobile Developer Challenge

March 2014

We catch the eye of Jungle Ventures and Spring Seeds Capital. They invest in us.

May 2014

Our recommendation engine, Maya 1.0, revs up

December 2014

We make it to the top 3 at OrangeFab, Singapore

July 2015

Ratan Tata says hello. With an investment

August 2015

Maya 2.0 - gets Beta and Better!

December 2015

Mitsui says Konnichiwa! Invests in Crayon

February 2016

The Singapore patent office grants our patent for Maya

February 2017

India's largest credit card issuer, one of the world's largest airlines, and Myanmar's # 1 private bank, all sign on Crayon!

August 2017

Kris Gopalakrishnan makes a personal investment in Crayon

November 2017

The Singapore patent office grants a patent for our product Yoda

November 2017

We are recertified as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant!

December 2017

Asia's leading bank signs us up in India too!

February 2018

One of 7 start-ups chosen for American Express's ACCELERATE ME - an accelerator program aimed at delivering innovative digital solutions to customers and business partners in the Middle East

January 2019

We launched the all new maya.ai

January 2019

Crayon Data was chosen as one of the 7 startups for American Express’s ACCELERATE ME

January 2019

and awarded